Alert Online 2017

Alert Online is firmly committed to raising awareness of cyber security. We are keen to make the Netherlands safer online. We cannot achieve this alone, however, and therefore sorely need the assistance of companies and organisations. After all, only then can we jointly reach as many people as possible. Is your organisation perhaps prepared to participate?

You are in good company

Alert Online joins forces with partners in both the public and private sectors, as well as the fields of education and science, to make the Netherlands safer online. All manner of parties have already committed to make their staff and clients more aware of cyber security. These range from small and medium-sized businesses to multinationals, and from care institutions to universities. Together, we organise activities throughout the year, with a view to attracting greater attention to online security, while also raising awareness. The highlight of these efforts is scheduled to take place from 2 through 13 October 2017.

An overview of all these activities can be found in our agenda.

Become a Cyber Security Hero

The theme of Alert Online 2017 is Cyber Security Heroes. As a Cyber Security Hero, you show members of staff, customers and suppliers alike how to contribute towards raising awareness of cyber security and why this is necessary. Furthermore, you assist others in behaving more safely online. You might opt to do so by sharing an article about the hazards of false email messages on social media, or perhaps by organising an information meeting about cyber security for employees.

Why become a partner?

- You contribute towards raising awareness of cyber security

- Your organisation will become part of a highly valuable network

- You will be listed on our website

- You can then participate in cyber security meetings for main partners in your sector

- You are then more than welcome to attend the kick-off of the campaign in October

- Participation is entirely free of charge

Want to become a partner? If so, simply click here (in Dutch) or email us at infonl[@]

About Alert Online

Alert Online is an initiative that facilitates and promotes cyber security throughout the public and private sectors, in the fields of education and science, and among consumers in the Netherlands, while also encouraging them to behave more cyber securely. The intention of the Alert Online campaign is to establish a movement in this area, while also making consumers more aware of their own online and digital security, as well as raising their digital resilience. Alert Online organises various activities throughout the year – some in collaboration with partners – with a view to attracting attention to cyber security. The focus of these efforts is the campaign to be held from 2 through 13 October 2017. The Alert Online awareness campaign is partly funded by the European Union Internal Security Fund (ISF).


- Alert Online was launched at the initiative of the National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) in 2012.

- Since 2013, each version of the campaign has been designated a central annual topic. Namely: “Smart security” (2013), “Knowledge” (2014), “Corporate digital responsibility” (2015), “Cyber skills” (2016) and “Cyber Security Heroes” in 2017.

- In 2016, over 200 partners participated in the organisation of Alert Online.

- Alert Online also performs an awareness survey each year (survey 2013survey 2014survey 2015 and survey 2016). The findings of the 2017 survey will be published during the course of the campaign, held from 2 through 13 October 2017.


| Omnicom Public Relations Group Netherlands was commissioned by the NCTV to facilitate and organise Alert Online 2017.